How it all began — The Dream of opening an e-cig shop in London, Ontario

Hi, I’m Howie.

Most people know me from my online store CanadaVapes.com.  I have been 10906288_10154988949210103_2114910956984568798_noperating this business since August of 2010.  I have serviced tens of thousands of Canadians over the past years with top quality e-cigarettes and custom e-liquid, and have been very happy.

I grew CanadaVapes.com from an independent work out of the house business into a large fully staffed warehouse company.  I am happy to say that I now provide employment for 7 Canadians, which is pretty cool.  About a year and a half ago my wife joined in the adventure, and she has been pretty awesome as she grows with the company!  It has not been easy and it has not always been fun, but it has always been a challenge.  I like challenges.

This brings me to the idea of a CanadaVapes.com retail store.  I was always very apprehensive about the idea of retail stores.  The initial cost is higher, the monthly costs are higher, and the risk is much greater.  I always shunned away from it, even though my wife and several members of our team thought it was the way to go.

In early January of 2015 I was fortunate enough to go on a week vacation with my beautiful wife Sandi.  We had saved up enough points on our business travel credit card for a free trip, and we went to the Dominican Republic.  It has been years since my brain actually had a full week to NOT think about CanadaVapes. After that week, we decided that the retail store was going to happen.  I figured it was time to make a decision, and we are now living that decision.

At this moment we are still a few weeks away from officially opening (what we hope to be) the best and most awesome e-cigarette store in Canada.  There is still much to do, but we are optimistic we will be open by early March.  We will be located at 809 Dundas street in London, Ontario, Canada. The retail space of the store is about 600sq ft and with the help of Sandi and a few of our creative staff members, I think its going to look pretty slick!

As we go I’ll continue to provide updates on the progress, and perhaps even add Taking a break from demo.some photos.  Here is one of me sitting on a toilet we had just ripped out (we actually rented 2 units and ripped down a wall and second toilet to join them together).

My brain is fired up for the experience, as I have only had a handful of jobs in retail, let alone OWNING a store!  I’m sure this will be quite a learning curve, but I’m prepared to learn as I go and gain some great experience.

Any questions, suggestions, or advice are always appreciated; shoot a message below, or join us on Facebook and keep up to date on everything!


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