Congrats! We made it through Blue Monday!

That’s right my friends, we made it through. Whether you think Blue Monday is real or not, you got to admit, after the holidays winter can seem a little…long? But did you know how you spend your New Years can be an indication of how you spend the whole year? That is why with that in mind, I decided on some New Years resolutions. With some support I have been able to keep these resolutions and will hopefully carry them through to 2021. It’s not always easy to keep a resolution, but Canada Vapes is here for you if you need help. Quitting smoking is not easy. That is why Canada Vapes prides itself on helping smokers make the switch. If your resolution was to quit smoking, or you have just been thinking about quitting, stop in to see me (Jordan) or any of our friendly staff for a chit chat. We would be happy to help, even if it’s just to provide some information or have a friendly talk.

For those of you who already like to visit with us here at 460 Egerton Street in London, I am wondering if you know some recent changes we made??? New hours of operation ring any bells? That’s right we are rocking at full steam from 11-6 Monday to Thursday, 11-8 on Fridays, 11-6 on Saturday, and 12-5 on Sundays. Well, now that you know where and when to find me come in a say hello! Or at least call. You never call any more. 5192048273.

Jordan Mares

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